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Mended: A Book Review

This is a different kind of Monday School today. I’ve read Mended and want to share it with you.
God used this book to soften my heart even more towards my daughters.

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How to Be a Moon

I finished Carry Burr’s newest book over the weekend.  The topic of the book is one we’re all familiar with: our need to make a difference and to know we matter. But this isn’t a book about learning how to build your self-esteem, gain a massive following, or improve your life with positive thinking. Instead,…

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Desperate for Hope: A Review

Desperate for Hope by Bruce W. Martin is beautiful.  It’s the honest story of how he learned to trust God during terrible pain and hardship.  Bruce is my brother-in-law and though I remember his and my sister’s perfect storm, the book reveals some of the deep emotions that can’t be spoken or explained in the…

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