discover challenge

Open Spaces 

What we do with our time tells the world a lot about us. How do you spend your time? What does your calendar or planner say about your life? Last month I didn’t like what my planner said about me. It said I’m busy doing a lot of things. Good things, too. But when I’m…

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This Place

This is a special place. It’s not just the beauty here. Or the sound of the ocean here. Or the sunshine and the salty air here. It’s not the awayness or that I don’t wear shoes and I feel the sand in my toes here. It’s not just that I’m resting here and not working…

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13 Years Here

The renovations on the inside of my childhood home are complete. The guys we hired to do the hard stuff have done a fantastic job and it’s beautiful. Tomorrow we’ll begin to move our life from one place to another. I’ve already moved some of the small stuff. Boxes of old pictures, books, and wall…

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