Beam of Light

This week’s Monday School is something near and dear to my heart. It’s why I started Monday School in the first place, and the Bible study I’m going through touched on it this week. My hope with Monday School is to make all of us more and more curious about the Bible so that we’ll…

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What About Me?

Last week, the No Other Gods Bible study by Kelly Minter highlighted what our idols or false gods are. Basically, a false god is anything or anyone stealing the place of God in our hearts. Anything can be an idol: materialism, alcohol, your image or reputation, Netflix binges, unforgiveness, work, fitness, your ministry or church,…

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Truth Seekers

This month’s Here’s To You is a nod to the team of people who made an old story new again for millions of us who need to hear it. White Lies is a serialized podcast about the murder of James Reeb in 1965 in Selma, Alabama. More than that, it’s about what happens when an…

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He Knows

My oldest daughter and I began a Bible study called No Other Gods: The Unrivaled Pursuit of Christ by Kelly Minter. For the next several weeks, my Monday School thoughts will be from the study. A week into it and I know this one is life changing. I’ve read the story of the Israelites in…

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The Whole Thing

The word of the Lord is the overall theme of Psalm 119, but I notice other themes as I read it. Last week, I wrote about God’s steadfast love. This week, I see the author write about the heart at least twelve times, and six of those describe the heart as whole. A whole heart…

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